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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is PantryHound?

PantryHound is a Food Pantry website tool built and maintained in the US that does 2 things:
  1. Helps donors (stockers) know what Food Pantries NEED so they can supply it
  2. Let's patrons know what is TYPICALLY AVAILABLE in the pantry.
Maintaining up-to-the-minute, accurate stock levels is not always possible but PantryHound can assist with the process.

Is PantryHound a Food Bank locator?

Yes, and more. PantryHound not only helps you locate a Food Pantry/Bank in your area, but it can tell you the stock levels for certain items as well.

How much does PantryHound cost?

Nothing! Zip! Zero! PantryHound was created by a family in Maryland who were frustrated with never knowing what the Food Bank needed. On one occasion, the family bought items that were overstocked already and that's when the idea of PantryHound started. Using a website to coordinate what a Food Pantry NEEDS (and HAS) seemed to make sense.

There is never a charge for using the service but we certainly appreciate it when our friends share PantryHound with others!

How does PantryHound work?

For Pantry Stewards/Managers - PantryHound makes it easy to update stock levels via a simple web browser on computer or smart phone; no App needed. The website is super easy to navigate to adjust item stock levels, add new items and even print a Food Drive Flyer. As items are updated, the Date is recorded automatically. It makes it easy to answer the most common question a Pantry Manager gets, "what does the Pantry need"? Instead of spending time emailing or posting to social media, the Pantry Manager can simply point the Supplier to PantryHound. Simple and convenient!

For Pantry Patrons - Many Food Pantry Patrons have to make special trips to get to a Food Pantry so PantryHound can "tell" them what is most likely available. They can see the date that an item stock level was updated by the Manager to better understand if they think it's still available.

I run a Little Free Pantry, can I use PantryHound?

Absolutely. We love the idea of Little Free Pantry (LFP) and are looking for ways to help grow the community. LFP Stewards are special people dedicated to helping others and we applaud that. Visit them at LittleFreePantry.Org.

The setup for LFPs is simple; Use the "Update/Add Pantry" function and enter your Pantries basic information. LFPs may only need to item categories: "WHAT WE NEED" (in red) and "WHAT WE HAVE" (in green). Once the item levels have been added (takes only a couple minutes), the Stewards can "move" the items back and forth between the 2 categories based on use.

Does PantryHound require any of my personal information?

Absolutely not. For Patrons, nothing is ever needed or asked for. For Pantry Stewards/Managers, PantryHound does not require anything other than an email address (kept hidden) to use as a login to update the Pantry and Stock levels. PantryHound is designed so that you can remain anonymous. We never use or sell your email address for any purposes. You will not get spam from PantryHound!

I have kids, can they use PantryHound?

Absolutely. One great way to use PantryHound if you are a "Super Stocker" is to have your kid(s) look up what is needed for the Food Pantry as you do your shopping. That way you get what the Pantry needs and it teaches kids the habit of helping others.

Does PantryHound require an "App" on my mobile phone?

No. PantryHound uses a simple browser that is on every smart phone. Nothing to download, nothing to buy. This is why it makes it so easy for others to interact with your Pantry stock levels.

How does PantryHound compare to other Food Bank lookup services?

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